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Although this page carries the latest news from Darley Dale Methodist Church it also records what we have done in the past.  Please scroll down the page to find out more about us.

Charity Fundraising

A very big thankyou to everyone who has helped with fundraising and given to the fundraising activities we have had between September and January. The following amounts have been sent.

 All We Can £611.06 which includes contributions to the Indonesia appeal.

Church on the Bus £407.26

The Children’s Society £167.12

Action for Children £185

Goodwill Children’s Homes in India £136.50

Ashgate Hospice £231.50

This is a total of £1738.44 which is a fantastic amount in just over 4 months.

For ongoing giving to Goodwill there are smarties tubes available on the table in the entrance. If you don’t already have one please take one and bring it back when it is full of coins.

Thank you

Harvest Festival, Sunday 14th October 2018

Our normal congregation for the church Harvest Festival was joined by the infant department of Darley Dale Primary school. The children who were accompanied by the staff, parents and grandparents sang a joyful harvest song complete with actions which they had learnt specially for the occasion. To have so many children whose enthusiasm was infectious added much to the morning worship.

Tuesday 20th & Tuesday 27th November Vision evenings

These two evenings are a continuation from our Vision Weekend as we seek to discern God’s plan for Darley Dale Methodist Church now and into the future. All are welcome regardless of whether or not you were able to come on 8th September.

The evenings will begin with tea at 6.00pm followed by prayer and led discussion from 7.00pm onwards. We pray that by the end of the second evening we will have made some positive decisions about the way forward and will feel encouraged and empowered to share our faith with our neighbours and the wider community. Please continue to pray for this vision.

As you go about your business in Darley Dale ask God to show you where there is need in our community and how we as a church can engage with and support people where they are.

The Methodist Conference has elected the Revd Dr Barbara Glasson to serve as President

The Methodist Conference has elected the Revd Dr Barbara Glasson to serve as President and Professor Clive Marsh to serve as Vice-President, starting their year of office when the Representative Session of the Methodist Conference meets in Birmingham next year. Barbara is the wife of the Revd David Glasson, one of the Mid Derbyshire Circuit’s Supernumerary Ministers. Please hold Barbara and David in your prayers, along with Clive Marsh, as Barbara and Clive prepare for their year as President and Vice-President and as they serve the Methodist Church in these demanding roles during 2019/2020. 

Barbara’s ministry with the Bread Church working with diverse people in Liverpool, Touchstone, a Methodist interfaith project in Bradford, and with people who have experienced abuse following the Past Cases Review, shows her work with 'prophetic communities for transformation'. 

The Revd Glasson said: "It is a privilege to be elected to serve as President. My interest is in enabling and honouring Connexional communities that are courageous and rooted in prayer. God is transforming the old and calling us into new things that are a joyful outcome of our Methodist inheritance. I believe that if the Church is authentic and inclusive it will also grow numerically and spiritually.” 

Professor Clive Marsh’s 35 years as a Methodist has shaped his work profoundly. He has sought to help people think creatively about how faith, life and popular culture interweave, and what happens to theology as a result. 

Clive has taught in theological colleges and universities and is currently Head of the University of Leicester’s Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning and an International Research Consultant at the Queen’s Foundation. He is a church member, local preacher and tutor in the Leicester Trinity Circuit. Clive was also Faith and Order Committee Secretary from 2000-2007. 

On hearing of his election, he said: "It is an honour to be elected Vice-President. I have a deep commitment to encouraging others in learning, no matter what their stage of life or what previous experience they have. My calling as a Methodist leads me to prompt people to think creatively about their life experience and the world around them, in developing a practical, theologically-informed faith.” 

The role of President of the Methodist Conference is reserved for presbyters and that of Vice-President for lay people or Deacons.

a review of our New Year Social 2018

About 40 of us of all ages from a toddler to octogenarians, joined together for a time of fun and food and a chance to get to know each other better. The evening began with us trying to find out what creature’s name was pinned on our back by asking questions which were given a yes or no answer. Some were harder to find out than others and more than one person hadn’t heard of a gnat!

The fun continued with a team game requiring a balloon to be passed over heads and under legs. Virtually everyone joined in enthusiastically and very competitively. Then followed musical chairs, which was won by one of the octogenarians, and pass the parcel with a small prize at every layer.

The food took the form of ‘bring and share’ with plenty for all and a very good selection. During tea everyone was busy seeing how many words they could make from the letters in ‘snowflake’. (I think I have remembered the right word.) Again, everyone was very competitive!

After tea Brenda & David and some of the youngsters from Messy Church taught us a couple of songs with actions, they were certainly quite energetic.

The evening ended with a Derbyshire Quiz based on some of Alan Clifton’s wonderful slides. It made us realise that we don’t know our County as well as we might. I’m sure we all learnt something but will we remember what we learnt?

It was a great evening which was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all those who contributed in any way and to everyone who came.

The next chance to get together socially is a beetle drive for Action for Children on Saturday 28th April. This will be organised by the Matlock Area Support Group (which includes 5 of our church members). It will be in our hall but open to all. More details later.

A review of our Christmas at Darley Dale Methodist Church, 2017

Our Christmas celebrations started early as we held our Christingle Service on the first Sunday of Advent, 3rd December. We met on the Saturday evening to make 70 Christingles ready for the following evening.  Eva McCulloch led the service on Sunday evening and had help from the young people in the congregation. The service was well attended and the church was decorated with the Christmas tree, the Christmas banner and lovely displays in the windows. Mince pies and Christmas biscuits were served after this service. £145 was raised for The Children’s Society. 

Our minister, the Rev Robert Foster led Bible meetings throughout Advent with an advent theme.

Unfortunately, the choir concert due to take place on the afternoon of Sunday 10th December had to be cancelled due to snow, however the choir had lots of other concerts to perform so their practising wasn’t wasted.

Rev Colin Smith shared Holy Communion with us on Christmas Eve morning.

A packed church on Christmas Eve saw the Darley Dale Brass Band play an important part in our service of nine carols and lessons. This service raised £296 for Action for Children. Again mince pies and Christmas biscuits were served after this service and it was a good time of fellowship and friendship. 

And finally Robert led a lovely service of celebration on Christmas morning which included a lovely clarinet solo from his daughter Hannah.

A big thanks to everyone who helped over the Christmas period whether it be decorating the church, making endless mince pies and biscuits, ensuring the church was always warm and welcoming or just for being there and celebrating with us.  A huge thankyou to everyone for contributing to our various chosen charities over the festive period.

faith and life in Kolkata and Darley Dale, 2017

It was good to have the opportunity to meet Rev. Abir Adhikari, the minister of the CNI Wesleyan Church, Kolkata on his recent visit to Derbyshire.

He told us a little about himself and about the church. It has a membership of about 50 which includes a few children and young people. The Sunday service is at 9.30am and is in English (some other churches in Kolkata have services in Bengali). There is a Communion Service twice a month. Often there are visitors from overseas and the organist prides himself on being able to play the national anthems of most of these countries!

At present the church is focussing on encouraging their young people to develop in faith and to contribute to the life of the church. There is a church Facebook page where you can see a video of a few of the Sunday School children singing ‘Jesus loves me’, and also pictures of the congregation.

Although the vast majority of the population of Kolkata are Hindu, Christmas is widely celebrated and people, including local dignitaries, enjoy going to the Christmas Service. 

Harvest Celebration, 2017

L1024809 alternative.jpg

It was wonderful to celebrate Harvest together as a new church and to welcome the school children and their families, who obviously enjoyed their time with us as much as we enjoyed having them.

Thank you for all the gifts of food. A car load of tinned and packet food went to the Food Bank and was very gratefully received by ‘Church in the Peak’ who work hard delivering about 50 food bags to families each week. Several bags also went to ‘Church on the Bus’ via Keith Bamford.

The Food Bank needs a constant supply of food, particularly tinned meat and tinned vegetables so please continue to put items in the box in church or directly into the collection boxes in Matlock e.g. in Sainsbury’s, the Library, County Offices, Imperial Rooms.

Thank you to the team who organised the Harvest Supper which was enjoyed by all. Particular thanks to Paul (Vern) Johnson for entertaining us so well.

As a result of harvest collections, sale of jams/marmalade, harvest produce and profit from the harvest supper we have been able to send £475 to ‘All We Can’ which is a very pleasing total. If you are interested in continuing to support ‘All We Can’ their main appeal at the moment is for the Rohingya Refugee Crisis. There are also Christmas Gifts catalogues available at the back of the church which contain a range of life-changing gifts e.g. £10 could provide 10 chickens to kick-start a family business in Zimbabwe, £41 could supply sheep to a farmer in a poor community in Ethiopia and £76 could provide poor marginalised women in Nepal with the ability to start two coffee nurseries.  A letter of thanks from All We Can is on the noticeboard.