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The Church and Circuit Diary is by its very nature a long page.  To avoid missing anything, please use the scrolling wheel on your mouse or a finger on the screen of your phone to move down the page.

Sunday Services

August 12th 

10.30am All Age Worship led by Mrs Sue Sunderland (Please encourage families to come).

6.30pm Service of  Holy Communion led by Rev Robert Foster.

August 19th  

10.30am Preaching service led by Rev Robert Foster.   

6.30pm ‘Celtic’ Worship led by Rev Julian Penfold.

August 26th

10.30am Service of Holy Communion led by Rev David Glasson. 

6.30pm Preaching Service led by  Mrs Eva McCulloch. 

Regular events


10.00-11.30am Coffee & chat in the hall, all welcome.

2.00pm Evergreen Club.


6.30pm Choir Rehearsal in the hall. (please note there is no rehearsal on the 1st August).


10.30am – 11.30am Cuppa & chat in the hall. There will be a Fairtrade Stall.

Lunch at 12.00  All welcome. To book lunch ring Monica 01629 732935 or Janet 01629 55932

First Thursday of the month Praise & Prayers, a short time of worship before lunch.

Buddies at 7.30pm

Tuesday 4th September Buddies at 18 Stanton Close (Eva McCulloch’s).

Please note venues sometimes have to be changed, any changes will be put in the weekly notices.

August holidays

Monday Groups and Buddies all have a break during August and will begin again in September. 

There is no Ecumenical Communion in August. 

Please note Rev Robert Foster is on holiday from 29th July to 11th August and from 20th to 26th August. If you have an urgent need for a minister during the first two weeks please contact Rev Keith Bamford or Rev Kevin Pratt and in the last week please contact Rev Helen Penfold.

Dates for your diary 

Saturday 1st September 10.00am. Prayer Meeting in the hall, all welcome.

Monday 3rd September 10.00am. Ecumenical Communion here in the church, led by Rev Robert Foster. 

Saturday 8th September ‘Moving Forward with God’ Vision Day from 10.00am – 3.00pm. Please note, this day is for everyone as we reflect on what we are doing as a church at present and look to what God may be calling us to do now and in the future. Please put the date in your diary and sign the sheet. We hope many of you will be able to come and contribute to this day.

Sunday 14th October Harvest Services.

Monday 15th October Harvest Supper. If you have any suggestions for entertainment please speak to Cynthia Billingham or Janet Raynes. 

Tuesday 23rd October 7.30pm Church Council. We still have space for more church council members so if you are willing to serve in this capacity please speak to Robert.

Saturday 1st December. It has been suggested that we have a Christmas Fayre in aid of a local charity followed by a Christingle Service. If you would be willing to help with the Fayre please speak to Cynthia Billingham or Janet Raynes.

Charity Support & Fundraising

Action for Children The envelopes for Action for Children Sunday raised £78. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Motor Neurone Disease Research Thank you to everyone who came to the Darley Hillside Choir concert on Wednesday 25th. £350 was raised which with gift aid amounts to £437. If you were not able to come but would like to contribute a box is available in the entrance for donations.

Traidcraft Exchange Our Fairtrade Coffee Morning in March and profits from the Fairtrade stall have contributed to Traidcraft’s Hidden Entrepreneur appeal which across the country has raised £548,530 to support hidden entrepreneurs in developing countries. This has been doubled by the UK Government to make a final total of £1,097,060 (not including gift aid). Please continue to support Fairtrade and Traidcraft’s work by buying items from the stall on Thursday mornings.

Circuit and other Events

Sunday 19th August Circuit Walk.  

Meet at 1.45pm by Holloway Methodist Church for a walk to Lea & Wakebridge. Walk leader Monica Render 01629 732935 mob (for on the day) 07818 254400.

Monday 3rd September 7.30pm Welcome Service at St Andrew’s, Langley Mill for two new ministers to the circuit, Rev John Malnutt and Rev Kate McClelland.

Tuesday 11th September 7.30pm Circuit Meeting here at Darley Dale.

Thursday 27th September. Methodist Women in Britain Autumn Rally at Willersley Castle. 12.30pm for 1.00pm lunch. After lunch speaker Rev Barbara Savage. This is always a very good day and is open to both men and women.

Sharing our Stories

Hymn: Will your anchor hold?

On June 3rd Anne Welch gave us a chance to sing “Will your anchor hold?” A good hymn can surprise you after many years, and this one did.

When my Dad died, my mother said, “He’s not coming back. I shall never see him again.” Hoping to help, I said, “But when you cross over, don’t you think he’ll be there?” Patience was never one of his virtues, but devoted love for his wife was. “Don’t you think he’ll be the same?” I asked, “He’ll probably say, “Where have you been? I’ve been hanging about waiting for you!”

She laughed, and the moment passed. But as we sang, “Will you anchor safe on the heavenly shore?” I was close to tears as I saw them reunited. Everyone has their idea of heaven and that would be theirs.

Perhaps we each have someone in mind on that other shore to whom we might quietly whisper, “Look out for me.”

Di Priestly.

Thank you for sharing that with us Di. That hymn also reminds me of my mother and makes me smile. Before her dementia got to the point where she needed to go into a home I would visit her in her home in Scotland for the weekend and we would go out for walks. On one favourite coastal walk there is a large rusting anchor at the side of the path. Every time my mother saw that anchor she would start singing, “Will your anchor hold?” with great gusto.

My mother really wasn’t a singer but the words of hymns were so deeply ingrained that even when she could no longer say who I was we could sing hymns together and that was a great joy. Thank you to the hymn writers for those words which help us through many difficult situations.

If you have a story to tell, or have any other contribution for the August newsletter please email it to  or give it to Monica by 23rd July, thank you.

Who picked my tea?

There is nothing like a nice cup of tea...

But have you ever thought about where your tea comes from?

Many British blends include tea from Assam in India where the people who pick it are paid poverty wages and live in appalling conditions.

The big British tea brands know about the situation of the workers but aren’t doing enough to challenge it. Traidcraft Exchange is asking the biggest British tea brands to tell consumers which estates in Assam they buy from. Transparency like this would shine a light on exploitation and mean that consumers – and more importantly people in Assam – could hold companies to account.

For more information see the leaflet on the noticeboard and the letter from Clipper Teas.

Just a month after the launch of the ‘Who picked my tea?’ campaign, Yorkshire tea is the first company to have published a full list of their suppliers in Assam and elsewhere.  

If you are willing to join this campaign please take one of the cards and send it to one of the other big brands.

2018/2019 Methodist Prayer Handbook

The theme of the handbook will be ‘A world transformed by God’s love’, inspired by the One Mission Statement of the Methodist Church in Britain. Through Christ, in the power of the Spirit, we share God’s mission, both to renew the created order and to transform lives, communities and nations. Individually and collectively we are both challenged and changed by God’s transforming love.

The price of the handbook is £3.50 and large print copies are available.

If you would like a copy please give your name and payment to Monica by 15th July.

Pastoral Care

We are in the process of sorting out Pastoral Care for everyone. If you haven’t yet completed and sent back the pastoral care questionnaire, please do so as it will help us to know how to contact you and what sort of pastoral care is appropriate for you should the need arise. Questionnaires can be given to Robert or one of the stewards. 

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A copy of the Circuit Calendar is on the notice board at the back of the church.